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My teaching is shaped by my wide range of interests. My approach is holistic and combines archaeology, (art) history, and philology.

My teaching has embraced:

  • introductions to Egyptology and Archaeology,
  • topic related seminars (e.g. the Old Kingdom; Deir el-Medina; obelisks in a diachronic and intercultural perspective; the history of Egyptology)
  • museum collections (e.g. Egyptian collections on the U.S. East Coast),
  • annual excursions (in-person or virtual) exploring, e.g. the Amarna period in different museum collections
  • introductions to Old, Middle, and Late Egyptian, (abnormal) hieratic script and Coptic, and reading classes.

Student evaluations have described me as a “highly competent and knowledgeable lecturer” who teaches with “enthusiasm” and who understands how “to motivate students” and “explains contents with easily understandable examples.”

“Dr Gablers is highly successful in team building and group discussions, also using online formats”.


“Philological [discussions] are often extended and contextualised through her extensive archaeological background and recent investigations and findings.”


She “always reacts to upcoming questions, ideas or remarks, providing answers and feedback quickly in the next session, via email or by additional information”.


In Spring 2021, I was nominated for the “Teaching Excellence Awards” at Basel University. I always seeks to introduce students to higher-level academia at an early stage, through assistant jobs, conferences, fieldwork, traineeships, editorial work, etc.

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