For administrative, logistical and financial support, I would like to thank: 

L. Coulon, C. Larcher, D. Raue, S. Bickel, R. Zillhardt, E. Paulin-Grothe, M. Kacicnik, A. Diehab, M. Moussa, A. Amer, E. Abdelrady Ateya, A. Daramally, A. Zalunardo, D. Kwiatkowski, M. Landrino, J. Jacquemet, L. Richner, R. Glanzmann, M. Ziegler, M. Perras, A. Fristensky, Ch. Depuis, D. Bruegger, B. & J. Koek, C. Spinazzi-Lucchesi, Ch. Hunkeler, M. Ibrahim, S. Vuilleumier, A. Austin, B. Volz-Tobler, B. Leonhardt, H. Jenni, A. Dorn, B.J.J. Haring, R.J. Demarée, C. Greco, T. Montonati, A. Fancuilli, N. Allon, A. Semat, F. Bosch-Puche, Th. Gertzen, M. Lehmann, D. Tanase, D. Oldman, A. Kozlov, C. Giancristofaro, E. Teeter, F. Hagen, G. Pieke, the MoTA, the Ifao Cairo, the DAI Cairo, the Museo Egizio Turin, the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, the Griffith Institute Archive Oxford, the Amara-West Team, ResearchSpace, Kartography Community Interest Company, and the entire team of the DeM Mission 2021, 2022 and 2023 including all inspectors, assistants, and supporters who made these seasons possible.

The pilot season in 2021 was kindly founded by the Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft (FAG) Basel and the University of Basel.

The first full season in 2022 was kindly founded by Alumni Basel, Annual Giving 2021, the Mehen foundation (restoration of wall and statue fragments) and the University of Basel.

The second full season in 2023 was kindly funded by Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, Josef und Olga Tomcsik Stiftung, Danish Institute in Damascus and the University of Basel.

A special thanks goes to Alina Zalunardo who set up the entire homepage with me, in the framework of the ResearchSpace and TT 217 project.

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